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Club Active Bundle Daya

Welcoming Dayana as our newest franchisee, opening Club Active Bundall

04 September 2020

Dayana and Martin Winnall have joined the Club Active family as the franchise owners of our newly located Bundall health and fitness centre. With the site secured and processes in place, we spoke with Dayana about her journey so far ahead of Club Active Bundall opening in January 2021.

Tell us a little about your professional career.

My husband Martin and I have always been involved in health and wellness in some capacity. We started our own personal training studios over 20 years ago and this was where we initially witnessed some of the health issues the population faced. From the effects of chronic disease, or just simply the intimidation people felt walking into a gym atmosphere. 

From there, Martin moved into the pharmaceutical industry and I moved into public health where I gained experience in different areas of the Gold Coast Health Service.

However, we always felt we had something more to offer to help people. I had the drive to run my own business and knew it had to be something aligning with the health industry and our own personal values. 

What attracted you to the Club Active health and fitness franchise business model?

Martin and I were in the market for a business acquisition and we had looked at a variety of different models. When we came across Club Active, it was a relief to finally find something that fit our requirements. 

After our first meeting with Club Active Founder Jonathan, we felt the business model provided us with an opportunity to create an environment for people that is more than just a gym or a wellness centre. It was a place where people could feel safe, nurtured and genuinely cared for in the hands of qualified practitioners. 

After losing one parent to Alzheimer’s disease and another one to breast cancer, Club Active was our opportunity to ‘give back’ to others and help them to live a longer more fulfilled life with their families. We wanted to extend our parent’s legacies, while at the same time educate and support the population to help them change the way they age.

Club Active ticked the boxes for us and was also a way for us to incorporate our previous skill sets and knowledge.

What has been your experience of setting up a partnership with Club Active? 

Our experience so far has been exciting, and the Club Active team are very supportive. If you need help or direction, it’s there!

From finding the best location site to negotiating the lease terms. Jonathan and the team are genuinely there to help direct you to ensure you lay the foundations early for a successful business. 

It’s more than just a franchise acquisition, it’s a partnership and this really comes through when you start to work with each individual at Club Active. Everyone is trying to achieve the best outcomes for the franchise owners, which essentially means we are helping more of the Australian population to live happier, healthier lives for longer!

Why would you recommend the Club Active franchise partnership? 

I would recommend the Club Active franchise partnership because it’s an opportunity to build an exciting, successful business in an expanding target market. With the existing infrastructure in place that’s designed to help and support you along your business journey, Club Active provides an easy transition into setting up the business.

If you are passionate about helping people through allied health services and creating a supportive community for the over 50s population, I would suggest reaching out and having a chat with the team. 

If you would like to register your interest in a Club Active Bundall foundation membership or find out more about the franchise partnership program, see the links below.

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