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How to improve your golf performance by tailoring your exercise program

28 January 2021

Golf is an extremely popular sport amongst older adults; in fact, it is one of the sports where participation rates actually increase with age. Not only is golf an enjoyable game, but it is also great for providing low-intensity aerobic exercise and is an effective way to improve your mental and social well-being.  

Does your golf performance need some work? It’s time to modify your training! Incorporating focused exercises into your training regime can help to improve your golf swing speed and overall cardiovascular fitness

What training should I be doing to improve my golf performance?

  • Heavy weight training – designed to increase power
    This typically involves weight loads higher than 80% of your 1 rep max, at maximum speed. This has been shown to improve power output – power is important to optimise your golf swing!
  • Resistance training – designed to increase strength
    This typically involves moving the weight at a relatively slow pace:
    • 2 seconds for each eccentric movement (lowering weight) and;
    • 2 seconds for each concentric movement (raising weight)
    • The repetition level per exercise set should be less than 12

What exercises should I be incorporating into my training?

  • Multi-joint exercises designed to recruit primary movers and require both torso and hip muscle activation to provide movement and stability.  For example – Kenisis Deadlift
  • Similar movements to golf i.e. weight shift, torso rotation. For example – Pallof Press.
  • The intention is to perform exercises at a higher speed without the breakdown of movement patterns and technique.

How does exercise assist in preventing injuries during golf?

Due to the muscular demands of a golf swing, and the commonality of injury in the lower spine, focused training on the torso muscles may improve performance and decrease injury risk.

Muscular endurance and motor control training can also be optimised to improve spinal stability and prevent lower back /shoulder injuries – all of which will benefit your golf swing!

How can a Club Active Accredited Exercise Physiologist help?

Club Active Exercise Physiologists

It’s important to make sure your exercises are safe and appropriate for your body and previous/existing injuries. Our Accredited Exercise Physiologists (EP’s) can design a tailored exercise program to develop your strength, power, coordination, and cardiovascular fitness. All to not only boost your health and fitness levels but also improve your golf performance. Although our EP’s can help with all of those aspects to improve your performance, we will leave the putting up to you!

To learn more about working with an Exercise Physiologist, please contact our friendly team today

Sources: The Journal of the Canadian Chiropractic Association, Sport Australia.

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