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4 Foods to Boost Your Immune System

15 April 2020

What you eat on a consistent basis can boost your immune system.

The human body functions well if you eat healthy foods and avoid foods that sap your energy and strength.

Fighting off a cold or flu feels difficult at first but fueling with foods that increase your immune system health gives you the boost you need to be healthy again. Plus, avoid getting sick in the first place by steadily consuming food stuffs that strengthen your ability to fight off illness.

Eat these foods to increase your immune system health.

1: Probiotics Rich Foods

Probiotics increase your gut health to boost your immune system. Picture probiotic-rich foods as being a type of internal bouncer guarding your organs from nasty little microbes. Consume foods like yogurt, saurkraut, miso, and kefir to protect your gut while increasing your immune system strength. As an added bonus, foods high in probiotics serve as rich, tasty solutions keeping you satiated, potentially lowering your caloric intake and keeping your weight in check.

Never over do it with probiotics. Intestinal discomfort, diarrhea and other unpleasant side effects emerge if you eat too much of these foods. Easy does it for maximum health benefits.

2: Lean Proteins

Lean proteins increase your immune system health through the critical action of tissue repair. Human muscle is composed of amino acids. Lean proteins like chicken breast, turkey breast, fish, chick peas and lentils provide you with rich sources of muscle-building amino acids.

Load up on lean proteins to be strong, fit and healthy. Guard against the common cold and other physical maladies by bumping up your lean protein intake.

Eat low fat or no fat proteins with at least 1-2 meals daily. Alternate between food and plant sources to satiate iron and fiber needs. Animal protein sources provide you with a more stout form of protein while plant sources like beans offer you the fiber necessary to increase your digestive health.

3: Water

How much water do you drink daily? Most people find themselves dehydrated because you usually don’t drink water until you feel thirsty. Feeling the sensation of being thirsty indicates you are already dehydrated.

Begin the day with 2 large glasses of water. The human body is composed primarily of water. Hydrating yourself strengthens the body through an abundance of its core component.

Minimize soda and fruit drink intake. Avoid high calorie, sugar-rich, high carbohydrate beverages that dehydrate you and result in an energy-sapping sugar crash.

Purchase a filter to place on your faucet to strain out less healthy impurities consistent with tap water. Or buy a water bottle with filter to enjoy healthy, crisp, clean water on the go. Bottled water provides you with another option but do your homework on bottled water companies and the water sources from which they pull H2O. Using a quality filter is likely your best bet to ensure a healthy, wholesome experience.

As an added bonus, consuming nutritional fluids in the form of soups and stews provides you with important calories and strength your body needs to kick a cold or fight off illness. Keep it organic. Make your own soup from organic ingredients for wholesome, immune system bolstering, fare.

4: Foods High in Vitamin C

Chow down on oranges, grapefruits and other citrus-rich foods to ingest immune system booster Vitamin C. Add a few squeezes worth of lemon to your morning water routine to strengthen your immune system and to protect yourself against sickness.

Note; Vitamin C acts as a diuretic if ingested in high amounts. Consider eating a banana for a natural potassium boost, ensuring you remain properly hydrated and energized.


Eating foods to boost immune system health can augment medical advice from professionals like doctors. Do your part to fight off sickness by consuming foods that increase your body’s resiliency to illness. Feel good, be healthy and take care of your body to enjoy life.

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