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3 Exercises to Keep You Fit for Travel

20 May 2020

Get functional, strong and fit ready to travel with some specific travel exercises. Whether it be historical sight seeing, train trips, road trips or just exploring local stop overs; most individuals will benefit from these 3 exercises helping you to bend, lift, carry, squat and step your way towards a wonderful trip:

Single Leg Step Up

Wherever we go in the world there is bound to be some stairs, inclines and walking involved. Step ups improve leg and hip strength, foot clearance and cardiovascular fitness. 

How to perform a Single Leg Step Up:  First find a step block or set of stairs; optional to have a stabilising surface or rail to hold onto if required for balance. Place right foot on the step, push through right heel to stand up tall onto step, lower left foot back to ground. Repeat up to 10 times on right leg, then swap the leading foot to perform up to 10 on left leg. Complete two or three rounds. 

Suitcase Carry 

This one is a great exercise to strengthening your whole body for carrying, lugging and wheeling your bags and daily items from location to location with you. 

How to perform a Suitcase Carry: Hold a weight, kettle bell or household item in one hand slightly away from your body, keep hips level and aligned. Maintaining upright position and walk for 20 steps. Swap the weight to opposite hand and repeat for 20 steps, complete this three rounds or laps.  

Front Squats

A squat is a functional movement that assists with strength required for activities throughout every day living and during travel – sitting, standing, lifting, bending, moving and shifting. Imagine those core and lower body muscles that you are going to need to pick up your bag or items from the floor and place it on a bench or shelf. 

How to perform a Front Squat: Start standing with your feet facing forwards, shoulder width apart. Sit your hips backwards, push weight through your heels and stand up tall. Keep your feet flat on the ground, chest up tall and your knees just over your ankle. Regress this exercise by performing half depth or sitting to a chair. Progress this by holding onto dumbbells or household items. Repeat this exercise 10 to 15 times, three rounds.  

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